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Unique and Personalised Gifts for all occasions

Singer, Songwriter, Band Member or Superstar DJ?

If you're a singer or a member of the band, perhaps a songwriter, musician, producer, DJ or lyricist... whether you're yet to hit the big time or you're remembering the good times... having a framed disc of your own songs is something special.

It may be to give to someone special, the producer who mixed your album, the songwriter who penned your biggest hit or for an old band mate theseframed discs are ideal to hang in the Production Suite, Home Studio, Office or in a room at home (even the toilet!!) it's almost guaranteed to be a talking point.

 Mylene Klass


Myleene Klass's 2 albums produced in a single display.



Independent indie band The Small Party had their CD Album framed for Band Members 30th Birthday


Local Heroes

We have created frames for the pub singer who get's up to sing 'My Way' every week at his local's open mic, a few King and Queens of Karaoke.

Out of the Limelight

Songwriters who have provided songs for Shows like Glee to Producers who play their to give a band or artist a new sound.


Superstar DJ's

Established Club DJ's like Paul Rudd and Ben Nicky to the underground guyswho have had one of their mixes featured on a Ministry of Sound or Club compilations 

Recording Artists

We've provided frames for stablished artists including; Jamie Cullum, Sandi Thom, Myleene Klass (above)

 Rocky Storm

An album that was recorded in the 70's was given as a 60th Birthday gift to an ex-member of the band.


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