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Unique and Personalised Gifts for all occasions

Weddings & Anniversaries

A fantastic selection of Wedding and Anniversary gifts, the gold or silver disc presentations are ideal for Silver (25th) and Golden (50th) Anniversaries.

The photo presentations have proven to be very popular for couples celebrating their first anniversary.

A gift to celebrate the magic moment of your wedding first dance and turn it into a lasting memory.

More Unique and Personalised Gifts

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  • First Dance - Black Silver Didi

    First Dance Silver Didi Disc

    Silver Didi Discs are a BRAND NEW addition to our disc range... we're very pleased with the finish on these discs and they are a great addition for wedding gifts as Silver is often a theme for the day.

  • Gold-Ivory-First Dance Didi Disc

    First Dance Gold Didi Disc

    Gold Didi Discs are 5" Discs presented in an 8" x 6" frame including a dedication plate and a selection of mount colours. Our unique gold dididiscs are a little more tradition compared to the funky & brightly coloured dididiscs

  • CD-Gold-Black Frame

    First Dance CD Photo Presentation

    The presentation comprises the Original CD or a Gold or Silver Didi Disc, in a slim & stylish 18" x 9" Frame. With your own photo and personalised dedication this is a very unique limited edition of One

  • Gold Burgandy First Dance

    7" First Dance Photo Presentation

    Include your own photo within the frame with our 'Seven Inch' Replica Gold or Silver Discs.

  • Heart Of Gold 10"

    Heart Of Gold - 10x

    Our Unique and Personalised Heart Of Gold 10" Discs are presented in an 12" x 16" polished aluminium

  • 10" Burgundy - Gold

    10" Presentation + Photo

    This beautiful presentation includes a photo from the wedding day, or the actual wedding dance. Presented in a 16" x 20" brushed aluminium broad profile frame or , with a selection of mount colours. Includes the name of the wedding first dance song and the artist.

  • 12" Photo - Black - Sliver

    12" Presentation + Photo

    Include your own photo into our 'Twelve Inch' Replica Gold Discs which are presented in an 12" x 16" brushed aluminium frame, with a selection of mount colours.

  • Heart Of Gold 12" + Photo

    Heart Of Gold - 12" + Photo

    This beautiful photo presentation is perfect for your loved one on Valentines Day.

  • ELO A New World Record - Deluxe Presentation

    12" Deluxe - ELO Classic Albums

    if you're looking for a great gift for fans of the Electric Light Orchestra. Our 12" Deluxe presentations feature the Classic ELO album of your choice. Housed in a 50 x 60cm (24" x 20") aluminium frame with a treble cut mount


9 Item(s)

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